Mayor Dean Hawk

  Home: 937-584-2125 

  Office: 937-584-5049  

 The Mayor currently serves as the representative of Sabina in the Clinton County Regional Planning Committee, Clinton County Community Action Board, Clinton County

  Emergency Management Advisory Board, Clinton County Health District Advisory Council, and Clinton County Economic Network Alliance.

  Council Member Peggy Slone

  Home: 937-584-2911   

  Council President. Fire District Liaison. 

  Chair Person: Police & Fire Committees

  Member: Infrastructure, Pool, Finance, Health/Safety Committees. 



  Council Member Vicki Mongold 

  Cell: 937-218-1914

  Chair Person: Finance & Health/Safety Committees

  Member: Employee Relations, Audit, Development, Flood Relief Committees


  Council Member Mike Walls 

  Cell: 937-218-2810   

  Chair Person: Planning & Records Committees. 

  Member: Employee Relations, Audit, Police Committees. 

  Council Member Bob Storer  

  Cell: 937-944-3256

  Chair Person: Development & Flood Relief Committees.

  Member: Finance, Health/Safety, Planning, Records Committees.


  Council Member Jim Mongold

  Cell: 937-218-0383

  Chair Person: Infrastructure & Pool Committees.

  Member: Planning, Records, Police Committees.

  Council Member Bruce Gottschalk

  Cell: 937-205-2596

  Chair Person: Employee Relations & Audit Committees

  Member: Development, Flood Relief, Infrastructure, Pool Committees.